Bringing together expertise in medical, surgical and cosmetic

Dermatology, we offer an integrated approach to optimize your care. 

Every patient has unique needs.       Maybe the most powerful tool we have to make a diagnosis for a patient is clinicopathologic correlation. That is, the synthesis of medical history, physical examination, and pathology to come to a diagnosis.  Our practice has physicians trained and board-certified in both Dermatology and Dermatopathology, allowing for the seamless integration of diagnostic information to find the best diagnosis.   Once the diagnosis is established, our Dermatologists design and coordinate a treatment plan based on years of experience and training.  Our goal - simply to keep your skin as healthy and beautiful as possible by applying an integrated approach to cutaneous medicine.  IDD Aesth etics It’s only natural that you would trust your skin physician to answer your cosmetic and aesthetic needs.  Whether you’re looking to address something particular, getting ready for those holiday parties, or wanting to rejuvenate your skin after a couple of little ones, we are here to meet your aesthetic concerns and help you achieve the look you want. 
Kay K. Sung, M.D. Robert M. Miller, M.D. Donna Hastert, PA-C